Coping With Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 – A Wishful Assuming

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Now that the unique corona virus has actually become par for the course of our modern life, there is nothing else way out other than dealing with it. In my earlier article labelled ‘Living with Unique Corona Virus or Covid 19′, which was published below a few weeks past, I just explained the preliminary precautions that need to take while coping with the unique corona virus or Covid 19. It was just a brief note discussing the protective techniques whereby one can stay away from the opportunity of a novel corona infection attack.

Nevertheless, right here my objective is much broader.

I am not below to clarify the scientific or medical assessment of the here and now situation, which is the creation of the unique corona infection. I am not here to clarify the standards put forward by expert doctor or the that.

I wish to resolve the whole global community to assert my opinion, as well as to beseech everyone for benefiting the improvement of human life. I am here just to plead for human bonding.

Allow the unique corona virus (Covid 19) come to be a twist of fate; allow us take this chance as a practical opportunity to get united, at the very least mentally. Yeah, this unique corona infection has provided us the highly desired break! Allow us unify, forgetting all the local, nationwide, as well as spiritual obstacles and also come to be partners in accumulating a brand-new worldwide area. Keep in mind, when such a pandemic occurs, humans are on one side, and also the opponent gets on the opposite side. This useful reality merely describes that we are all from one course, which is the human race. The novel corona virus has actually taught us this fact absolutely.

Allow our children breathe fresh air; allow them have more humane personality than we. Allow them come to be GLOBAL residents rather as limited nationalists. Restricted nationalism implies restricted humanism, as well as limited humanism implies sophisticated or masqueraded primitive culture.

By restricted nationalism, I imply reducing to oneself, to minority alphabets of one’s name, faith, nation, as opposed to believing in par with the renowned Aristotle quote, “Guy is a social pet.” Allow us begin assuming big; allow us get rid of the unwanted mindsets, stuffed with petty regionalism or religionalism. Allow us leave the linguistic obstacles; allow us complimentary our minds as well as become one entity!

Nevertheless, we are human, and also we can admit the truth! We must admit that we are all human. We are all from one ethnic group; we belong to one household, which indicates that we are all people. We can use the chance offered by the novel corona virus to our improvement, the betterment of our human society.

Please recognize that human life is very breakable. As we know now, also the smallest of the little infection, the unique corona virus, Covid 19, which one can not pick out utilizing the naked eyes, is capable of erasing human presence! You do not need any type of human-made damaging devices to ruin our attractive world!

See what is happening to the existing social scenario! Colleges have stopped working! All religious organizations stay shut! Pragmatically, human life has actually ended up being basically paralyzed! Individuals are afraid to walk around the roads easily! Besides, there is a main restriction for doing so in a few of the nations! Formally, they call it ‘lockdown’. Fear has gripped everybody, and also anywhere one can see an air of uncertainty.

So, let us know this fact as regards the delicacy of life! Let us order the useful essence of this reality! Allow us enjoy each other and also come to be unique humans. The novel corona infection has actually offered us a gold chance to become global people.

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