Top 5 Aircon Servicing Mistakes to Avoid: Everything You Should Know

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Maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system requires regular servicing. However, there are a few frequent errors that both companies and homeowners make when servicing air conditioners. To make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly and effectively, we’ll go over the top five air conditioning servicing errors in this post.

1. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Neglecting routine aircon servicing in Singapore is one of the most frequent errors made by homeowners. Many individuals put off booking a servicing appointment until their air conditioner breaks down or begins to have problems. Regular servicing is necessary to avoid issues before they arise and guarantee that your air conditioner runs effectively all year round. Make servicing appointments once a year or every two years to keep your unit in peak operating condition and prevent future expensive problems.

2. Skipping Maintenance on Filters

Ignoring filter maintenance is another typical error. In order to keep dust, grime, pollen, and other airborne particles out of your house and place of business, air filters are essential. Debris can clog filters over time, decreasing airflow and lowering the quality of the air indoors. Skipping maintenance on filters can result in poor indoor air quality, higher energy costs, and decreased cooling efficiency. To guarantee optimal performance, be sure to frequently clean or replace the air filters as part of your aircon servicing regimen

3. DIY Maintenance and Repairs

While homeowners may do some simple maintenance jobs themselves, like cleaning vents and air filters, doing do-it-yourself repairs or maintenance on their air conditioner might result in expensive errors. Because air conditioning systems are intricate, accurate diagnosis and repair, require certain training and tools. Trying do-it-yourself fixes can jeopardise warranties, exacerbate existing damage to the appliance, and even be dangerous. Leave upkeep and repairs to trained experts who have the know-how and experience to complete the task efficiently and safely.

4. Disregarding Odd Noises or Odours

Ignoring odd sounds or odours emanating from your air conditioner is another typical error that might eventually cause more serious issues. Strange noises like screeching, slamming, or grinding could be signs of problems with the compressor, belts, fan motor, or other parts. Odours that are musty or unpleasant can also be signs of mould or mildew growth in the flat. Ignoring these indicators may necessitate expensive repairs or maybe a complete equipment replacement. In order to fix any strange sounds or odours emanating from your air conditioner, you should make an appointment for servicing as soon as possible.

Ignoring Recommendations from the Manufacturer

Last but not least, a typical error that can shorten the lifespan and reduce the performance of your air conditioner is to disregard manufacturer recommendations for aircon servicing. In the user handbook or on their website, manufacturers usually include recommendations for servicing schedules, filter replacement, and other maintenance chores. These guidelines must be followed in order to guarantee warranty compliance and best-in-class performance. Failure to abide by manufacturer instructions could result in voiding warranties and reducing the efficiency of aircon servicing.


For your air conditioning system to run smoothly and effectively, you must avoid these frequent aircon servicing errors. You can maintain your unit in optimal condition and save expensive repairs or replacements by keeping up with routine servicing appointments, replacing air filters, refraining from do-it-yourself fixes, responding quickly to unexpected noises or odours, and adhering to manufacturer recommendations. For any servicing or repairs, don’t forget to seek the assistance of trained experts to guarantee the efficacy and safety of the work completed. Your air conditioner will continue to deliver dependable cooling comfort for many years to come with the right upkeep and care.

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